Matt & Anna of Speckled Wood

Who are Speckled Wood?
Speckled Wood are a husband and wife team that have always had a desire to be creative together, combining their skills of model making and fine art/illustration. After Matt’s model making business took off he had an opportunity to acquire a laser cutter, which had always been a dream. Anna was creating large charcoals and oil paintings at the time, but felt she wanted to create smaller more accessible pieces that still felt individually crafted. As the company has progressed they have discovered that their individual qualities truly complement each other.

What’s the inspiration behind their products?
Speckled Wood share a love of wood, which is the main focus of material they use. Their subject matter is strongly influenced by nature. Both drawn to a natural rustic look the colours are carefully chosen and are usually very earthy – although they have introduced a few livelier colours recently. They also make smaller products too, from brooches to hanging decorations and more playful designs (like the wooden biscuits, the only products not inspired from nature – more their tea breaks!)

Where does all the magic happen?
The Speckled Wood workshop is in an inspiring setting, surrounded by woods and farmland high up overlooking the sweeping Bath countryside. The long drive up to the workshop is bursting with wildlife, and is a very beautiful spot all year round. There are plenty of other creative people at the workshop, which always helps encourage and inspire the creative process. More recently they have been interested in hunting for recycled wood and using it creatively in their work, especially for making small one off pieces that are beautiful and completely unique. “We love the anticipation of discovery and get quite excited on finding an old piece of wood waiting to be transformed.”

Visit Speckled Wood at chalet number 20 in Abbey Churchyard at this year’s Bath Christmas Market and discover these beautiful wooden decorations for yourself.