Julie from Bickie-Boo

Starting with an inspired idea for a novel way to construct a gingerbread house, Bickie-Boo is the realisation of a dream to help families build their gingerbread houses easily.

“For years I made gingerbread houses for my son’s birthday party, as his birthday falls between Christmas and New Year.  It was always lots of fun, though normally taking hours to construct, then collapsing before the party had even finished!  One year I came up with this design, which really does only take minutes to put together. If you can tie your shoelaces, you can make this kit!” says Julie Beale, founder of Bath’s very own gingerbread house business.

Bringing the idea to product took a year of planning, including creating the ‘Gorgeous Ginger’ recipe and writing the story of Bickie and Boo, the naughty gingerbread twins. Working from home, Julie still really enjoys the baking side of the business. “The smell of the warm butter, syrup and organic spices always makes me feel warm inside too! The designing side is exciting, though the highlight is always seeing children’s faces light up with joy at the sight of the houses.”

A range of baking kits and ready baked gingerbread houses, plus unique gift ideas will be available this year. Visit the online shop at www.bickie-boo.co.uk.

You can visit Bickie Boo at this year’s Bath Christmas Market, chalet number 173 in Bath Street.