Mark and Pavla of Hejgro

We came together with a joint passion: the belief that every decision about consumption is a decision about the world in which you want to live.

We found that the goods available in the stores just didn’t provide the high degree of health we wanted for our family, or our environment. Food was shipped (or flown) in from distant lands, it lacked taste (besides sugar and salt), and it all included strange and highly processed ingredients.

We love food and the natural world, and together we have studied a wide range of ethical-eco diplomas and degrees to help us pursue a more ecologically-benign lifestyle. We want to live in a world where our consumption habits don’t help to destroy it, and we want to be able to name plants and recognise our cooking ingredients. On a mission to achieve this dream we started looking out of our back door… and we found treasure everywhere!

Foraging soon becomes an empowering way of life that involves far more than just food. Cosmetics, medicines and handicrafts combine to enrich our lives and fill it with health and beauty. We wanted to share this abundance with others but as our produce is seasonal, it comes in limited edition! Luckily, on our journeys amongst the hedgerows, between the fields and in the woods, we have found that we are not alone in our passion for foraging, so this year we have been able to collaborate with fellow foraging artisans to bring our abundance of winter supplies to Bath Christmas Market!

Find us in Chalet 159 on Bath Street, from 24th to 30th November.

Read more about our collaboration with other foraging artisans, ‘The Foragers Fare’.