Roman Baths

Visit the Roman Baths at the heart of the Christmas Market and explore the remains of one of the greatest spas of the ancient world. At its heart flow the unique thermal springs that give Bath its name. Above it stands the Grand Pump Room where for two hundred years visitors have drunk from its fountain of steaming spa water.

Today you can walk where Romans walked on the pavements around the Baths. Hot steam rooms and cold plunge pools are still visible beside the Great Bath. Personal audio guides, included at no extra charge for every visitor, reveal stories behind those who came here. Computer reconstructions transform the ruins into a complete religious spa as it was two thousand years ago. You can explore the entire site at your own pace and every day costumed characters based on those who once lived here bring the Romans to life.

Indulge in Christmas lunch or champagne tea in the elegant Pump Room. Ring 01225 444477 to book a table. The Roman Baths shop is open late during the Christmas market with unique gifts for Christmas.

Open daily, visit for more details.